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My name is Jaume Roset

I am a member of the IESE Business School team of coaches and trainers, as well as an Associate Partner and faculty member of CTI (Co-active Training Institute), the world's leading organization in coaching training.

My professional training includes: Industrial Engineer (UPC, 1999). Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC, 2010). PCC credential from the International Coaching Federation. Team Coach (ORSC, 2014).

My contribution to the organizations I work with is to develop the leadership of their executives and managers based on excellence and their humanity. From there, they leave their unique legacy and delivers results.

My legacy for the people I accompany is to make shine the unique diamonds that they carry within, so that they live a fulfilling life.

My story

I believe in dreams, and I had a dream myself: to dedicate my professional life to the development of people and organizations to make a better world.

My background is Industrial Engineering. I worked for 16 years as an Engineer in some of the big consultancies (Price Waterhouse Coopers, IBM) in the world of Supply Chain Management, where I ended up working as a Senior Manager. All that experience furnished my head very well, it taught me how big companies work and how good managers lead... but somehow, I didn't feel completely fulfilled.

One day, while I was in a client's office, a colleague told me about coaching and I decided to hire a coach to get to know myself in depth. That process showed me that I wanted to be a coach with all my soul. So I started my training as a co-active coach with CTI (Co-active Training Institute)... and it changed my life. I understood who I am and what I really wanted. I connected with my heart.

Nelson Mandela said: "A good head and a big heart are always a formidable combination."

Engineering, consulting and the corporate world gave me my head, co-active coaching rooted me in my heart.

And that I bring to companies, corporate excellence through my experience, and heart and humanity through coaching.


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